Welcome to Pueblo

We pulled in to town last Sunday afternoon still not knowing where we were going to live. As luck would have it, one of my husband’s former co-workers now lives in CO Springs and just happened to be coming down to Pueblo that day. She drove us around some of the better parts of town and I was able to get the names of several more apartment complexes. Up until then I only had the maps app on my phone and the ones who had listings on Craigslist.

Hotels can be expensive so my top priority for last Monday was simple…find somewhere to live. Somewhere that I would feel safe. Somewhere not too expensive. Somewhere nice.

We had driven past The Pueblos on Sunday with Lupe but they didn’t have any listings on Craigslist…so I decided to look at the local newspaper’s website and lo and behold, that is where The Pueblos had their advertisement. I had already called at least 10 different places/people and was starting to get discouraged. I was able to look at the apartment, get checked out of the hotel and start moving stuff in before Lance got off of work for the day. Mission accomplished.

So far everyone we have met has been really nice even if the Walmart parking lot two blocks away has more homeless people than all of Nashville. I’m hoping that finding a place to live will be less stressful on the next assignment since I already have one under my belt.

The only downsides so far are:

Lack of AC (since it is only needed for a few months out of the year there is only a small window unit in the living room so I had to get a large fan for the bedroom)

No dishwasher. Yes, I had always taken the dishwasher for granted because I had never not had one.

Oskar can’t see outside. He always kept watch over the cul de sac so having windows that are too high for him to see out of has him a little upset at times when he hears cars and people outside.

I’ll just keep those few things in mind when apartment hunting for the next assignment.

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