We have palm trees…in our yard!

After an eight week break between assignments, we are now living in Florida! I for one hope that there are no more periods of time that we are “in limbo” because it was too stressful living out of a suitcase at a friend’s house for six of those weeks then moving somewhere else for another week and a half before heading south.

It took us three days to find somewhere to live (in our price range, that would do a three month term and allowed a dog) down here. We got here at the beginning of what the locals call “season”. That time of year when all of the snow birds descend upon the state of Florida.

I think we found the perfect house for us here in Port Charlotte. It is only two miles from the hospital, 0.8 miles from the nearest fabric store and it backs up to a canal and has a dock in the back yard.

I could definitely see myself living here longer!IMG_2265.JPG

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