The adventures are getting more exciting

We have been traveling for just over a year now and this past Saturday we bought a new “house.” And by house I mean boat. It is a safe bet that our travels from here on out will keep us close to the ocean.


The apartment we are in at the moment has the tiniest kitchen that I have ever used. The oven doesn’t work, nor do the smoke detectors. The silver lining is that our lease is only for three months so we only have to live here for 10 more weeks. The tiny kitchen with a water heater and AC unit in the pantry, tiny stove, a sink the size of one you would expect to find in the bathroom and lack of cabinet space is helping me prepare for my new kitchen. The new kitchen even has a double sink and a working oven.


I am actually really excited about this new adventure we are embarking on. Yes my sewing area is tiny and I am going to have to downsize the amount of fabric that I travel with but the main salon is an open area with plenty of room for me to set up my table for cutting fabric and my ironing board and then fold them up and put them away at the end of the day.


First tasks: decide on a name, make new curtains and maybe reupholster the couch.

Stay tuned for updates to the interior!

Here’s to new adventures!

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