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The adventures are getting more exciting

We have been traveling for just over a year now and this past Saturday we bought a new “house.” And by house I mean boat. It is a safe bet that our travels from here on out will keep us close to the ocean.


The apartment we are in at the moment has the tiniest kitchen that I have ever used. The oven doesn’t work, nor do the smoke detectors. The silver lining is that our lease is only for three months so we only have to live here for 10 more weeks. The tiny kitchen with a water heater and AC unit in the pantry, tiny stove, a sink the size of one you would expect to find in the bathroom and lack of cabinet space is helping me prepare for my new kitchen. The new kitchen even has a double sink and a working oven.


I am actually really excited about this new adventure we are embarking on. Yes my sewing area is tiny and I am going to have to downsize the amount of fabric that I travel with but the main salon is an open area with plenty of room for me to set up my table for cutting fabric and my ironing board and then fold them up and put them away at the end of the day.


First tasks: decide on a name, make new curtains and maybe reupholster the couch.

Stay tuned for updates to the interior!

Here’s to new adventures!

In search of the perfect live aboard

The next adventure in travel nursing for us is going to be finding the perfect live aboard boat. Trying to find monthly rentals, that allows a dog, has room for parking the fishing boat and is affordable during “season” in Southern Florida is proving to be a little challenging.

So today we are driving around the state looking at live aboard boats to see what size would be good for us and how much we can afford (which means we will be buying one that will require a lot of TLC and elbow grease).

One of the benefits of living on a boat is that I won’t have to pack every three months! We’ll just pull in the lines and head off to the next assignment. Hopefully we will be able to find the perfect boat for us in the next three months so that our options on which assignments to take aren’t quite so limited.

This little gem is a boat we found just cruising the canals in Port Charlotte. Always keeping our eyes open for boats that are looking for someone to love them.


We have palm trees…in our yard!

After an eight week break between assignments, we are now living in Florida! I for one hope that there are no more periods of time that we are “in limbo” because it was too stressful living out of a suitcase at a friend’s house for six of those weeks then moving somewhere else for another week and a half before heading south.

It took us three days to find somewhere to live (in our price range, that would do a three month term and allowed a dog) down here. We got here at the beginning of what the locals call “season”. That time of year when all of the snow birds descend upon the state of Florida.

I think we found the perfect house for us here in Port Charlotte. It is only two miles from the hospital, 0.8 miles from the nearest fabric store and it backs up to a canal and has a dock in the back yard.

I could definitely see myself living here longer!IMG_2265.JPG

The end of the first assignment

It’s hard to believe that we only have five days left in Colorado. We are headed out for one last camping trip in the mountains tonight.

We’ll be headed back to Nashville for a few weeks before the next assignment. Colorado is beautiful but we are going back south for the winter and may come back next summer. That’s part of the beauty of travel nursing…you are able to move around and stay in a comfortable climate.

The return of internet

One if the downsides to moving across the country is that the internet provider who I have had for over 8 years and NEVER had any issues with doesn’t have service here in Pueblo. Since we will be moving every three months I needed a no contract deal in case this company doesn’t have service wherever we move to next.

I found an internet provider and signed up…I would have the modem in a week…yay for the internet…then they shipped my modem to Tennessee. After three attempts to get the address corrected prior to the first delivery attempt failed, it was another week before I got the modem…which was three days ago. We were without internet for three weeks and one and a half days. That is basically unheard of these days.

The first thing I said to my husband when he got home from work that night??? We can watch Netflix again! Oh the joy. I also exceeded the data plan on my phone twice while waiting for the modem to arrive (which is one of the reasons for my lack of activity here and on the Facebook page).

I’m learning a lot with this whole travel nursing thing. Believe it or not I have become more laid back. I have adopted the “whatever will happen will happen and we’ll just cross that bridge when we get there” attitude.

I promise to update you guys on our adventures in travel nursing more often now that we have internet again.

A new adventure begins!


We put our house on the market the beginning of April and are already under contract to close at the end of May. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. My husband decided that he wants to give travel nursing a try for a bit. This will allow us to decide where we want to eventually settle. We have 22 days to figure out where to go first.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with travel nursing…this means we will be moving every three months. I have been in the same house for almost 11 years now. I don’t consider myself to be a pack rat but I have accumulated A LOT of STUFF over the last 11 years.

I don’t really have time to organize and have a yard sale before we have to move but one of my friends from college just happens to be having a HUGE adoption fundraiser yard sale on June 7th. Talk about perfect timing. I would rather donate the items to their yard sale than take to Goodwill because I know that the money is being put towards their future baby.

I will use this blog to document our adventures in travel nursing and look forward to sharing all of the fun with you guys.