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My First Shibori: A DIY

This was my first Shibori and I loved it! And if you have to google Shibori, you are not alone. I did as well. Shibori is a Japanese tie dye method using indigo.

front two on line

Two of my pieces hanging on the clothes line. This is the square between two pieces of wood and the pinch and bind method.

I ordered an indigo tie dye kit off of Amazon and it included the blocks I used and also the rubber bands that I used in addition to the dye and rubber gloves. I used Kona prepared for dye quilting cotton. Having just under four yards, I cut it in to four equal pieces to try four different binding techniques. Since this was my first time trying this, I was curious as to how the different techniques would turn out.

all bundled up and dipped

Clockwise from top: Square between two pieces of wood, flag fold and pinch and bind.

For three of the pieces I did the accordion fold followed by the pinch and bind method, accoridion fold the opposite direction and securing between two squares of wood and flag folding. The fourth piece I got a broomstick (because I live on a boat and have to be resourceful sometimes) and wrapped half of the fabric around then scrunched it down then wrapped the remaining fabric around that and held in place with some cotton cording.

wrapped around stick

The culprit of my blue hand trying to squeeze the bottom of this piece in the bucket.

I followed the directions that came in the kit as far as setting up the dye vat and the process to get the dye in to the fabric. I dipped each of these in the vat twice letting them rest for 20 minutes between dips. More dips would create a deeper blue.

back two on line

These two are the flag fold on the left and the one that was wrapped around the broomstick on the right.

Above are what the other two finished pieces of fabric looked like. I love that this marina has a clothes line so that I could get good pics of these hanging up.

rubberband front

Here is the front of the pinch and bind with the slip pocket made from the squares.

For my project, I wanted to make a bag. The India hobo bag by Swoon was the perfect bag for these fabrics! Then I had to choose two of them to use. I chose the one that was banded between two squares of wood and the one I did the pinch and bind method on as they were the most colorful throughout. The result is a truly one of a kind bag.

rubberband back

Back featuring the pinch and bind version

I am IN LOVE with how this bag turned out. It is also a quick sew and completely reversible. I omitted the zippered pockets on this one. So don’t be afraid to try something new because you may just fall in love with the process! Just make sure you don’t dip your hand further down in the vat than your glove. You may end up with a blue hand like I currently have!

squares front

Front of the squares side featuring pinch and bind slip pocket.

squares back

Back of the squares side.

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Drop me a comment below for your chance to win an indigo tie dye kit and tell me what you would want to make!