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I survived New Jersey

I feel like there should be a t-shirt and I deserve one. I went to New Jersey for the first time this last weekend for work. I spent the first night in Newark and then the next morning learned how to navigate the streets around town.

Then we drove towards Red Bank…on a Friday at noon…six lanes of bumper to bumper traffic the whole way on the New Jersey Turnpike…all 25 mikes that we had to go. Apparently it is that way every Friday in the summer because everyone leaves the big city for the weekend.

We finally arrived in Tinton Falls and grabbed some lunch at an Italian restaurant. I swear they put a whole pan of lasagna on my plate…and that was the lunch portion. Who could eat that much in one sitting?

After the show we decided to grab dinner and there was an Italian restaurant right beside the theater. (Italian restaurants are on every corner up there) We were shown to a table in the back room of the restaurant. When we had finished our meal, we learned that this was because the front room of this very fancy restaurant turns in to a night club…typical summertime in New Jersey I was told.