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Life on a boat…the first two months.

Moving on to a boat was actually much easier than I expected. The first three weeks I was on the boat alone while my husband was out of town and that allowed me time to get all of my fabric organized. I’ve discovered that it is like living in a tiny house with a few exceptions. Luckily we are docked at a marina so that makes the transition easier. Here is a list of things that I do differently now since moving on to the boat.


  1. I enjoy the view…every. single. day. What’s not to enjoy when you get to see sunsets over the bridge like in the photo.
  2. I dirty as few dishes as possible because I have to wash them by hand.
  3. I make much smaller portions now because we have a smaller oven and a tiny fridge. Luckily we do have a small freezer so that helps me buy more than a couple of days worth of groceries at a time.
  4. I climb steps…so many steps. Five steps to get on to the boat. Five steps to get inside the boat. Five steps to get in to the aft cabin. One step to get in to the bathroom. Three steps to go down in to the kitchen. One step to go down in to the front cabin where I keep the fabric.
  5. I have to monitor the level in the water tank. It’s no fun to run out of water when you have shampoo in your hair. Trust me on that one. Always check the water level before taking a shower.
  6. I take Oskar to the dog park every day. It is right next to the marina and he loves walking over there.
  7. I’ve learned that I can do the kickboxing dvd on the boat. Jump squats just aren’t as high because my hands hit the ceiling. Oskar has learned that when I put his dog bed up on the couch, he needs to hop up there for his after breakfast nap so that he is out of the way.
  8. I upped the DVD plan for Netflix because I still haven’t figured out the best internet option for us and the rabbit ears only pick up three channels. One of them is in Spanish and the other two are only Paternity Court and Judge Brown and Steve Wilkos type shows. I also watch Hoodwinked a lot. I wish I had my dvd’s that are in storage back in TN.
  9. I watch more old Disney movies. The boat had a dvd/vhs combo on it so I put that one in the aft cabin and loaded up on Disney VHS tapes for $0.35 and $0.69 at Goodwill and $0.50 at the Humane Society Thrift Store.


Oskar has adjusted well to being a boat dog. He has gotten used to being picked up to go up and down the stairs. He loves that we go to the dog park so often and he loves sleeping smack dab in the middle of the bed because there is no room for a dog bed in the aft cabin. Yes he is spoiled but we’ve had three more years with him than the doctors said we would so we are thankful for every day we get with him and try to make his life as awesome as possible. He also loves that he can keep watch over what is happening on the kitchen counter. 


Decluttering the non-essentials

I dropped my sewing machine off for a tune-up yesterday. I’ve never been without it so I’m feeling a little lost. Ok, not really lost, but I do miss it.

This is the perfect time to start decluttering the non-essentials in preparation of moving day…moving to the boat day that is. Which is happening in two days!!!! 

Over the past year we have been living with less since we move every 13 weeks. To be honest, I haven’t really missed anything that we have in that storage unit waiting for us to settle down. It is now time to go down to even less. 

When you learn to live with less, it makes life simpler. I’ll go through my clothes and downsize there again. I’m already down to about a fourth of what I used to have in the closet. You know what’s awesome? A closet containing clothes that you actually wear instead of one full of things that you don’t. I have four pairs of shoes. FOUR, because it isn’t really necessary to have 20 pairs of shoes (like I did before we started this traveling)

I’ll go through all of the beauty products and get rid of the items I don’t use on a weekly basis (think little hotel bottles of lotion, bars of soap, perfume I haven’t worn in years…). The little hotel soaps and bottles of lotion are going to my nieces who think it is really neat to have little bars of soap.

The biggest challenge for me is going to be deciding what, if any, fabric isn’t going to be able to make this move. I can declutte everywhere else but I always struggle with the fabric. 

Wish me luck as I spend the next few days decluttering and mentally preparing for moving day.