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When Pinterest attacks…

I don’t know about you but when I find something new to try on Pinterest I tend to go a little over board and end up with 46 bars and 8 jars of soap.


I’ll make one batch of soap then think “oh, I bet lemongrass and lavender would smell divine.” So I make another batch. Then I decide I want to make some with some tea tree oil because I’ve heard it makes a great medicinal soap that might be good for my husband’s athletes foot.


Then my stepsons will call me and ask me if I will send them some soap (they love my handmade soap and that makes me feel all warm on the inside) so I need to make another batch! Sending them each a pound of soap at a time depletes my soap stash.

Then I think that I want to give goats milk soap another try. It is very tricky and I am not patient enough when adding the lye so my goats milk soap always turns out orange and doesn’t smell as nice as the other soaps.

Then I discover that I only have enough ingredients left for one more batch. Might as well go ahead and make some lemon soap right? Right. So after I have mailed off 2.5 pounds of soap…I still have 46 bars. At least the next time the boys call, I’ll already have the soap ready to pop in the mail or send home with them.

Happy Pinteresting!