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I finally made my memory quilt

This week I finally made my memory quilt. This post has been over 5 years in the making. Over the last five years I have purchased the background, backing fabric and batting several times and then ended up finding other projects for them. I finally made it. And I love it.

When my brother passed away, I flew home with a new suitcase containing seven pearl snap shirts and one pair of jeans. The first month I made three quilts, two throw pillows and two small bags using his clothing. The quilts were for my sister in law and two nephews. I did stars inside of contrasting circles because…TEXAS. I just sort of came up with my own pattern. I had to get the most out of those clothes and that seemed like the best option. The throw pillows were for my mom and his mother in law and the bags were for my sister in law and her mom. All I had left were small scraps.

Here are the quilts I made for Kim, Murray and Colin. My photography skills weren’t that great back then and these are the best pics I took.

A couple of months later, his mother in law texted me asking if I could make a quilt for her. So I looked at my small stack of scraps, divided them in two and made her a small scrappy quilt.

For the last five years I have kept the remaining scraps in a ziplock bag and always kept them close to my sewing machine. Always looking at them and making sure they were still there. That they were still safe.

The first three quilts I made, I cried a lot during the process. It was difficult emotionally but I also think it helped me in the grieving process. Especially since I made them so soon after his passing. Being on a deadline probably didn’t help that but I wanted my sister in law and nephews to have their quilts for that first Christmas.

My mom got me the quilt planner for Christmas. I’ve never used a planner before but loved the idea of the project planner part of it. Maybe this year will finally be the year I make more quilts! I already have 26 quilt projects written down. This week I got to fill in all of the check boxes for my memory quilt.

If you have a memory quilt that you have been wanting to make. Take your time. Don’t rush it. When you are finished, wrap yourself up in it and remember how much that person loved you. Here is my completed scrappy memory quilt.