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Grab n Go Lunch Bag and Laminating your own fabric

Have you ever needed laminated cotton for a pattern but didn’t like what was available in the store and didn’t want to wait for an online order to arrive? You can make your own laminated cotton using iron on vinyl! This is exactly what I did for the new Grab ‘n Go Lunch Bag by Peek a Boo Pattern Shop.

There are several options when choosing an iron on vinyl. The application method is the same for all of the brands I have tried. I am using a piece of gloss finish Pellon for the step by step photos here. I used a matte finish Thermo Web for my lunch bag.

The three brands of iron on vinyl that I have tried are Pellon (off of the bolt), Thermo Web (off of the bolt) and Heat n Bond (prepackaged). You can find the Pellon and Thermo Web in the interfacing section and the prepackaged Heat n Bond in the notions aisle.

1 iron on vinyl options

From left to right: Heat n Bond, Pellon, Thermo Web

Begin by cutting a piece of fabric and a piece of vinyl larger than your pattern piece. You can lay out several pattern pieces to do at once. I like to keep my pieces on the small side so that it is easier to work with.

2 vinyl piece and fabric side by side

Peel the paper off of the vinyl and place the sticky side down on the right side of your fabric. Your iron should be set to medium heat with the steam off. Place the release paper on top of the vinyl with the slick side down and the paper side up. Place your iron on top of the paper and hold for 8 seconds. Move to another section and repeat this process for the whole piece. Make sure to not touch your iron to the vinyl.

3 placing sticky side of vinyl on fabric

4 release paper placed down on top of vinyl

5 pressing on matte side of paper

Once you have fused the vinyl to the fabric, flip your fabric over and press from the back side. Hold the iron in place for 4 seconds on each section.

6 pressing from back side

Pick your fabric up and congratulate yourself on making your own laminated cotton! Now you are ready to cut out your pattern pieces and make your project, which in my case was the new lunch bag pattern from Peek a Boo.

lunchbag front

If your vinyl gets wrinkled while turning the bag or whatever your project is, place the release paper on top of the vinyl and lightly press for a couple of seconds to warm the vinyl up and smooth out the wrinkles.

lunchbag food outside

Finished Grab n Go Lunch Bag

The Grab n Go Lunch Bag is perfect for some back to school sewing. I used my own laminated cotton on the exterior. My interior is PUL and I insulated with Insulbrite and fusible fleece. It fits cubes, bento boxes and loose items so no matter how you pack up a lunch, this bag should fit it.


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