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Hot dogs for dinner

We have been having hot dogs for dinner a lot more recently and it has been great! We have been living in Islamorada for the last five weeks. Living in the keys is so much more conducive to getting outside and being active than other cities we have lived in. This area is just so beautiful! Our marina is full of friendly people and we have been brushing up on our corn hole skills in the evenings.

Down here Lance gets off work at 3pm so there is still enough daylight left for us to get out and explore. I have come to the realization that experiences are so much more important than having a well rounded dinner every night. That picture up above looking down in to the water…no filter, the water is that gorgeous shade of blue/green. The sunset photo below…no filter, just beautiful sunsets as we cruised back in to the marina.

One day last week he wanted to go fishing when he got home from work. I didn’t have any meat thawed out or figured out what I was going to fix yet so I decided to join him. The weather was beautiful and the water was beautiful and the fish were biting. We caught tons of Mutton Snapper and Yellow Tail Snapper. Almost a fish with every cast. Then we had a couple of manatees come say hello everyone when we were tying up the fishing boat. I really do heart manatees after seeing them up close as often as we do down here.

It is 100% fine that I didn’t have dinner figured out that night. Know why? We caught our dinner and took it to Ocean View for the “you catch it, we cook it” special. It is the first time I’ve ever caught my own dinner. It is also the first time I really enjoyed a fish dinner (fried of course)! 

One of the things that living down here has made me realize is that these experiences and these memories that we are making are better than a fancy dinner every night. They are better than adulting 24/7. So take some time to just enjoy your environment and have hot dogs for dinner. Not every meal has to be square. And read more! I’m happy that I’m able to sit on the back of the boat and enjoy a good book.