Sewing the Oakley Button-up

Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop released the Oakley Button-up shirt for women today and I got to test it! Below are my thoughts on sewing the Oakley Button-up. The added bonus is that I got two nice new shirts out of it!

Winnie likes my new Oakley Button-up too.

Winnie is a fan…she just refuses to look at the camera.

This pattern comes with two different sleeve lengths and two different top lengths. I tested the short sleeve top. There is also long sleeve and tunic length.

My muslin was made using a Keepsake Calico from the red tag section at Joann when it was on sale so my fabric was roughly $3.50. Also, my button hole feature on my machine has been on the fritz for about a year now so I used good old plastic Kam snaps that I had in my stash.


Not too shabby for a $3.50 shirt huh? I didn’t think so either. The muslin helped me determine what changes I needed to make for my second shirt. I decided to bring the waist in a bit to make it more fitted. It was time to cut in to the nice $12.99 a yard shirting fabric (that I used a 50% coupon on).


I am 5’3″ and with the shirt length I was able to raise my arms over my head and everything stayed covered! The pattern calls for one or two pockets so I went ahead and did two pockets on each shirt. I love the way plaids look cut on the bias!


Does making a collared shirt give you anxiety? I was a bit nervous as I had only made a collared shirt from one of the paper pattern companies before and I was NOT a fan. The instructions and photos in this pattern are so much clearer and look much more professional than the other pattern I had tried.

Another fun part of this pattern is making the yoke lining and the collar stand lining in contrasting fabric. I love the way the bit of lavender peeking out of the blue plaid is. Also, since my button hole feature isn’t working, I used pearl snaps on this shirt. Let me tell you, I LOVE IT! Can you tell from the photo below? Actually, Lance said something that made me laugh but I thought this pic might make you laugh too.

sewing the oakley button-up laugh

If you are looking for an awesome pattern for a women’s button up (or snap up for me) then you should definitely think about sewing the Oakley Button-up. You could sew button up shirts for the whole family if you have the Yukon for men and the Classic Oxford for the little ones! Hawaiian shirts for family photos anyone? I may whip some of those up before vacation next summer 😉


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