Moving after over 10 years in the same house

Why is it that we make the best improvements to our houses when we are getting ready to sell it?

Everything gets a fresh coat of paint.

Everything gets deep cleaned like never before.

Those cabinets that you wanted to refinish when you bought the house…it’s finally happening…as you are getting ready to leave it.

For the last three weeks I feel like all I have done has been to work on this house, painting and cleaning everything, going through boxes I haven’t looked through in 10 years and throwing away 99% of it.

I had seen on Pinterest about how GREAT gel stain is. So many people posting tutorials of how they redid their bathroom and how you don’t have to sand anything. So I tried the gel stain in the bathroom without sanding all of the old finish off of the cabinets and it just looks painted. I do like the color of them now but I am not a fan of not being able to see the grain of the wood.

We ended up canning the gel stain and going back to regular old liquid stain for the kitchen cabinets and it looks much better…plus the fact that we built new doors. It is going to be a photo finish getting everything ready for the realtor to take pictures of on Friday morning. I’m very excited about moving to a new place and I have already started researching craft shows and groups of ladies who are crafty in the area.

Fingers crossed the house sells quick…I think it’s the nicest one in the neighborhood.

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