Licensed fabric debate

There is a lot of confusion surrounded the whole “can I sell things made with licensed fabric” question.

Many fabrics state “for personal use only” and for non-commercial home use only” on the selvage.

My solution to this debacle? But the super cute fabrics without that verbiage on it and make cute stuff with that. Not all licensed fabric has that disclaimer on it. These for instance which I purchased earlier this week and can’t wait to turn in to messenger bags and little purses.

I just won’t purchase any of the Disney, TMNT, or Hello Kitty since those have the disclaimers and are being cracked down on.

I was so excited that the Tootsie Pop fabric didn’t have that disclaimer on the selvage. There was Double Bubble and Blow Pop fabric too! Also very happy to see some of the Marvel Comic fabrics did not have that disclaimer on the selvage.

Happy sewing! I know I will be!

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