I don’t do resolutions…

This time of year people are always asking “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” I can honestly say that I have never made a New Year’s resolution. What I have done though is set goals.

Just because the calendar year changes doesn’t mean you have to make any major life changes. I think people should always try to be better and do better, not just the first few weeks of January.

Last January I decided that I wanted to get in shape so I started running…slowly and short distances at first but now I can run 4 miles and I’m in better shape than when I was in college. The Couch to 5K app is a great way to ease in to a running routine. Then I added a Jillian Michaels kickboxing DVD that I could do at home. And I even have enough room on the boat to continue doing that workout also.

Another goal for this year is to get better at this whole blog thing. That was a goal for last year too and I did better than I had the year before but there is plenty of room for improvement. And I think I’ve figured out how I’m going to stay motivated for that one!

Goal 1: post at least once a week

Goal 2: sew at least one new bag a month from one of the awesome bag books that I have but haven’t had time to do yet. Have you seen Julie and Julia? We watched that movie again last night and that gave me this idea to help keep me motivated. I managed to squeak out a new wallet for myself just before the new year and I am loving it! This is the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Patterns.

Goal 3: have more fun. We are spending the next three months in the Florida Keys. Our welcoming committee was about 10 dolphins swimming alongside the boat at sunset after we crossed under the U.S. 1 bridge.

Goal 4: make more quilts! I love quilts and want to make more of them. I’ve already finished one quilt top for the year so I’d say that goal is off to a pretty good start.

^^^^^ proof that I’ve got goal four started already with s finished jelly roll race quilt top! This one is for me…but Oskar thinks it is for him

So Happy New Year everyone! Don’t make resolutions that are unrealistic. Just set smaller goals for yourself that are more manageable then celebrate when you accomplish them.

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