Help me help a friend help a bunch of babies this Christmas

I’m going to give away a handmade item (it can be anything I make except for a quilt). Keep reading for details on how you can have a chance at getting a custom bag, twirly skirt, mechanic shirt, or anything else (except a quilt) just for doing some good.

I have a friend. She has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. This year she has decided to take Christmas to Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja, Uganda. But she needs help. There are 60 orphans ranging in ages from a few months old to 5 years old. She needs help with small toys for the children and/or donations towards her travel expenses.

Check out their website and meet some of the children they house. Including a set of quadruplets born in April!

I’ll be sending some handmade twirly skirts, crayon rolls and little lovies for the babies along with some bracelets and whatever else I can thing of to stick in there.

Here is how you can help me help her help these precious babies have a Christmas this year:

Read her blog post here. Then skip your fancy coffee drink one day and go buy a hot wheels car or play-doh or coloring book or other small toy and mail it to the address listed on her blog. 

You can also make a donation via a link on her blog to her PayPal account. Every $5 you donate or each toy you mail (by December 10th) will get you one entry. So if you donate $10 then that will be two entries or if you mail 4 toys then that will be 4 entries and so on.

Comment here or email me at once you’ve done that showing the gifts being mailed or your proof of donation through PayPal and your name will go in to the drawing. I will have the drawing on December 20th once I have verified that she has received the gifts and donations.

The best part is that she will be sharing pictures!!!!! So you will get to see the smiles on their faces when Courtney brings them Christmas. The smiles that you help put there.

So skip that red cup drama for one afternoon and help bring Christmas to these babies.

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