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I am a freelance television production coordinator/manager and I have a fabric addiction. I could spend a full day in my favorite fabric shop looking at the fabric and thinking of what I could make with each and every one. My favorite things to make are quilts and I aspire to one day be as creative in my quilt making as Tula Pink is.

I got the name for my Etsy shop from my niece. When she had her first child we were trying to decide what my great niece would call me. “Great Aunt Maryanna” is too much of a mouthful even for an adult…so Auntie M it is and then the Marvelous was added because…well, it just sounds good…Marvelous Auntie M. In addition to three adorable great nieces, I also have two nieces, four nephews, one miniature schnauzer, one cat and one husband that I make things for.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Georgina Stone

    I love the bag. A great idea to have quilt blocks as part of the bag. Very useful to have all the various pockets when organizing the contents of the purse. That line of fabric Kona by Robert Kaufman fabulous too.


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