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Sewing the Oakley Button-up

Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop released the Oakley Button-up shirt for women today and I got to test it! Below are my thoughts on sewing the Oakley Button-up. The added bonus is that I got two nice new shirts out of it!

Winnie likes my new Oakley Button-up too.

Winnie is a fan…she just refuses to look at the camera.

This pattern comes with two different sleeve lengths and two different top lengths. I tested the short sleeve top. There is also long sleeve and tunic length.

My muslin was made using a Keepsake Calico from the red tag section at Joann when it was on sale so my fabric was roughly $3.50. Also, my button hole feature on my machine has been on the fritz for about a year now so I used good old plastic Kam snaps that I had in my stash.


Not too shabby for a $3.50 shirt huh? I didn’t think so either. The muslin helped me determine what changes I needed to make for my second shirt. I decided to bring the waist in a bit to make it more fitted. It was time to cut in to the nice $12.99 a yard shirting fabric (that I used a 50% coupon on).


I am 5’3″ and with the shirt length I was able to raise my arms over my head and everything stayed covered! The pattern calls for one or two pockets so I went ahead and did two pockets on each shirt. I love the way plaids look cut on the bias!


Does making a collared shirt give you anxiety? I was a bit nervous as I had only made a collared shirt from one of the paper pattern companies before and I was NOT a fan. The instructions and photos in this pattern are so much clearer and look much more professional than the other pattern I had tried.

Another fun part of this pattern is making the yoke lining and the collar stand lining in contrasting fabric. I love the way the bit of lavender peeking out of the blue plaid is. Also, since my button hole feature isn’t working, I used pearl snaps on this shirt. Let me tell you, I LOVE IT! Can you tell from the photo below? Actually, Lance said something that made me laugh but I thought this pic might make you laugh too.

sewing the oakley button-up laugh

If you are looking for an awesome pattern for a women’s button up (or snap up for me) then you should definitely think about sewing the Oakley Button-up. You could sew button up shirts for the whole family if you have the Yukon for men and the Classic Oxford for the little ones! Hawaiian shirts for family photos anyone? I may whip some of those up before vacation next summer 😉


Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend patterns and designers that I love and hope you do too.

Panty Patterns Compared Side by Side

Panty patterns compared side by side, because there are more than one out there. Did you know that handmade panties are back in style? Do you know how comfortable they are? My mom once told me that she made all of their underwear back in early 70’s. I don’t think they had as many awesome knit fabrics to choose from back then though.


Here are all of the pairs I made stacked up from least amount of fabric to most amount of fabric.

Several panty patterns have been released over the last couple of years. After trying several of them from three different pattern companies, I am here to give you my opinion on the ones I sewed up. None were provided to me although I did get them all during sales. The decision was made to write up this post after my most recent undie pattern purchase. I have worn them all multiple times to test how well they stay up and keep their shape throughout the day.


The main fabric used was Art Gallery knits from Peek A Boo Fabric Shop. The bands are all cotton lycra solids, also from Peek A Boo Fabric Shop. I kept the fabric consistent so that I could accurately gauge the fit of each style. The only exception was the Thondlewear. Those were cotton lycra solid from Peek A Boo Fabric Shop and custom printed fold over elastic.


How awesome is that graffiti print fold over elastic?


Scrundlewear by Stitch Upon A Time is first up. It is also probably the most widely known women’s underwear pattern in the PDF sewing world. I made my first pair of scrundies last November and they have held up marvelously. Shortly there after I made two more pair. For this experiment, I made one pair of briefs and one pair of boy shorts. This pattern includes both options. It also includes regular and high waist options. I like the cut of the regular scrundies and they fit great. I’m not a fan of the boy shorts version. They feel too bulky. Again, this is my personal opinion. They are great if you are a boy shorts kind of girl. Here is a photo of the briefs and boy shorts side by side.


Boy shorts on the left and briefs on the right.

Uptown Undies by Peek A Boo Pattern Shop is the next pattern up for review. They have a slightly different cut than the scrundies but still provide great bum coverage. They also have skinnier leg and waist bands. The skinnier bands make them seem less bulky. An added bonus is that this pattern also includes a camisole and there is a maternity and nursing add on for the camisole. I have yet to make the camisole. One of my favorite things about Peek A Boo is that I can purchase fabric and save up my reward points to earn free patterns!


Uptown Undies have a higher cut on the front of the leg opening.

Quicker Knickers by Little Finch Patterns were next on the list. I love that this pattern is a lower rise! It also contains two versions, hipster and cheeky. Since they are low rise, they also require less fabric. The floral print below was just the right size. I am so glad that I was able to use it for undies instead of just making a headband with it. It was too short for the other, higher rise patterns. The Quicker Knickers are currently on sale for $0.99! That price is hard to beat!

Both versions of quicker knickers compared to the thondlewear. Pink band are cheeky and teal band are hipster

Both versions of quicker knickers compared to the thondlewear. Pink band are cheeky and teal band are hipster

In summary:

Scrudlewear have great coverage, wide bands and come with two styles and regular and high waist band options.

Uptown Undies have a slightly higher leg opening, thinner leg and waist bands and the pattern includes a camisole.

Quicker Knickers are lower cut and require less fabric and also come in two styles of undies.

Thondlewear requires the least amount of fabric (for obvious reasons) and were a quick sew, include instructions for FOE bands or cotton lycra bands and are a great way to practice your FOE skills…but I still prefer the other styles over these.

You can always order a pair through my Etsy shop by clicking here! I currently have two pairs listed and I am working on adding a few more. Send me a convo letting me know if you prefer a different fabric than what I have listed. I also offer any of these styles mentioned above.

Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend patterns and designers that I love and hope you do too.

At what point does sewing become an addiction?

At what point does sewing become an addiction? Is it when you have piles and piles of fabric everywhere but continue to buy more? Is it when you have hundreds of PDF patterns that you haven’t gotten a chance to sew up yet? Could it possibly be when you take a trip and you pack more fabric than clothes?

It’s been a while since I posted. Let me explain…we’ve been traveling for the last six weeks!

Week one was couch surfing in Nashville while we emptied out the storage unit and had a yard sale. I had fabric and notions and books that I hadn’t even seen in over two years! So that all got sold. I keep all of my prettiest fabrics with me 🙂 I did dig through and find some things to keep.


Exterior pic of the hunting cabin made using rocks and cedar posts from the land.

Weeks two and three were spent camping in Texas while the hubby worked on his hunting cabin. Luckily he knows that his wife loves electricity and indoor plumbing. This is the same cabin we worked on in April. It has an awesome pedestal tub that I’ve partly restored. (I’ll finish it on our next trip out there.)


Commandeering a corner of the hunting cabin for sewing.

I was able to set up a little work station and make a baby gift for a friend! I could only work on little projects due to the lack of table space. Next time I am going to try to pack my cutting and sewing tables and take over a small corner of the cabin! I think this Violet turned out adorable! You should add this pattern to your baby gift arsenal if you sew. So quick and cute! This pattern ranges from size 3 months up to girls size 12 so you will get lots of years of use out of it. I made this one long sleeves since it may still be chilly outside when it fits her.


What does a baby even put in those tiny little pockets!?!?!

For the last three weeks we have been staying on a ranch in New Mexico. It is gorgeous out here. It is much cooler than southern Florida so it’s a good thing I packed more fabric than clothes because I need to make myself some more long sleeved shirts. I made this Hyde Park Hoodie last weekend after realizing that I hadn’t packed my gray one. The coral has more of a southwest feel anyway.


Love this Hyde Park Hoodie by Peekaboo Pattern Shop

This hoodie is the perfect weight for the few cold days that southern Florida gets in the winter.

I’m will be testing a new sewing pattern next week so that will be next week’s post. Meanwhile I am enjoying my current view from the sewing table 🙂


The current view from the sewing table