Monthly Archives: July 2014

Last night’s dishes

Today as I was trying to make sure I had everything packed for my trip I noticed last night’s dishes in the sink that I had been too tired to wash.

One more thing I need to do before leaving the house. That got me thinking. My husband has it easy. When he is going on a trip he just has to remember his clothes and his toothbrush. My morning, not so much. Here’s how the last 30 minutes at home went for me today:

Wash the dishes.
Take the frisbee out of the suitcase.
Take out the trash.
Food and water for the pooch.
Pack everything.
Set out the pooch’s medicine.
Clean out the fridge.
Take the frisbee out of the suitcase.
Check the flight status.
Take the pooch outside.
Double check I’ve got everything I need.
Explain to the pooch that “I’ll be home in a couple of days” as he looks at me with those sad “take me with you” eyes.
Grab the keys.
Kiss the pooch goodbye.
Leave the house.

Then both of my flights were cancelled due to weather in Dallas so I am currently in a van headed to Denver so that I can make it to New Orleans before midnight.

When it rains it hails

We have been in Pueblo for a little over three weeks now. And in that short time, we have been caught in a hail storm on the interstate twice! It’s crazy.

Lance keeps saying “I thought it didn’t rain in the desert” but here in Pueblo feels kind of like we are on the Florida panhandle with afternoon thunderstorms several days a week.

The plus side? It helps cool things off because there have also been several triple digit days in our short time here. The window unit doesn’t cool the apartment very well. It wasn’t built to handle this much heat. Thank goodness there is no humidity here!

Next post will be on all of the little mom and pop restaurants we’ve been trying since it is too hot to cook!


The return of internet

One if the downsides to moving across the country is that the internet provider who I have had for over 8 years and NEVER had any issues with doesn’t have service here in Pueblo. Since we will be moving every three months I needed a no contract deal in case this company doesn’t have service wherever we move to next.

I found an internet provider and signed up…I would have the modem in a week…yay for the internet…then they shipped my modem to Tennessee. After three attempts to get the address corrected prior to the first delivery attempt failed, it was another week before I got the modem…which was three days ago. We were without internet for three weeks and one and a half days. That is basically unheard of these days.

The first thing I said to my husband when he got home from work that night??? We can watch Netflix again! Oh the joy. I also exceeded the data plan on my phone twice while waiting for the modem to arrive (which is one of the reasons for my lack of activity here and on the Facebook page).

I’m learning a lot with this whole travel nursing thing. Believe it or not I have become more laid back. I have adopted the “whatever will happen will happen and we’ll just cross that bridge when we get there” attitude.

I promise to update you guys on our adventures in travel nursing more often now that we have internet again.